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Pictures of actual litters and aditional information you may find at:

kennel Ultra

Planned litters:

Jack Russell terrier
Gumisia Magor x Gang Staff Future King
Gang Staff Ani Mru Mru x Ultra Grand Grizzly
Ginger Spice Balao x Gang Staff Future King
Parson Russell terrier:
Sparkling Guy's Indian Summer x Nuk U Gagi

Reservation of puppies from any upcoming litter are possible.
We also cooperate with other kennels in Lithuania and abroad. It is possible to buy puppies bon co-owning basis. Sometimes we have adult dogs, which are looking for new owners because of changed family circumstances, so feel free to write us if You are ready to adopt adult dog.parson jack russell terjerai

We have two - four litters of puppies in a year, usually we have from three to five puppies in a litter. At the age of 7-8 weeks puppies are ready to meet their new owners, they are chipped, vaccinated and dewormed, with the LKD/FCI issued pedigrees. In PRT's litters puppy price varies from 400 to 700 euro, JRT's - from 600 to 1000 Euro. Price depends on the puppy's ancestry and pedigree evaluation, coat type, color, and litter size. Show/ breed class dogs are more expensive, pet class dogs are less expensive.

We dont sell puppies in bulk quantities, nor we do not sell them without proper FCI pedigrees and veterinary documents.



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